Hi, my name is Adam Jones. I am a personal trainer in Carlisle. I run my business with one thing in mind - YOU. My goal is to help people reach their goal, whether it is sport specific, improving your health, building muscle or losing body fat. 
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How I can motivate you to get fit & stay fit

For a disciplined workout routine, exercising alone is not effective enough. Motivation to keep going and the right techniques are important for effective workout. Adam Jones Personal Training offers a full fitness service to improve your health and general wellbeing, which includes exercise, posture and dietary tips. 

Personal training not only improves fitness, but your health, energy levels and mood. 
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What do I have to offer you?

I offer personalised training, which can be implemented from your home or anywhere that you are comfortable. You also get full access to a 1000 square-feet gym throughout the day - no distractions or onlookers - just you, me and everything the gym has to offer.

I also specialise in athlete fitness development and can train people of all ages and abilities.
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What sort of training are you looking for?

  • Circuit training
  • Weight training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Sports training
  • Boxing lessons
Visit my testimonials page to get an insight into how my clients feel about my training programmes. 

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For a personal training plan based around your needs, call Adam Jones Personal Training, in Carlisle, on
07814 713 804

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